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1952 Birth of a Family Tradition

Having set up a small factory called ‘Bak Chai’ with his friends who had tailored shoes for the Japanese forces, Grandfather saw an opportunity to start off his own business in the shoemaking industry. It was now that the family tradition in handcrafted shoes was founded. With reputable quality and style, ‘Bak Seng’ became sole suppliers of handcrafted gentleman’s shoes for a number of renowned department stores in Bangkok and the upcountry including Central, Ma Boon Krong, and Taidaimaru. With continued growth, management of the business started to seep down the family tree involving his two sons. 


1977 Settling Down

In 1977, ‘Bak Seng’ was registered as Estate Supply Ltd., and a factory was built on Phetkasem Road, Bangkok Yai District, where it can still be found today. The accommodation, housing a number of pioneer craftsman and production staff, started underaking production for domestic sales and supplies. 

1979 Appeal to the Middle East

In this year, the partnership opened up markets in the Middle East under the trademark ‘ESTATE.’ Appeal to customers in the Middle East grew rapidly as exports expanded to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran. 


1983 Moving on to Europe

Reputation spread far and wide. With continued growth in exports, ‘Estate’ started to receive small purchase orders from European customers. Within a couple of years, small orders became large and larger. Quality and craftsmanship of Estate shoes were now accepted and admired among European customers. 

1985 Championship Award

While reaching its customers abroad, Estate Supply Ltd. Part. also continued to make quality handcrafted shoes for domestic markets. In 1985, it won the First Class Championship Award for quality handmade gentleman’s shoes in Thailand’s first leatherwork contest. The Championship Cup was presented by Deputy Prime Minister Pichai Rattakul. 


1985 – 1990  International Expedition

Having now won the hearts of its European customers, Estate Supply Ltd. Part. started on a trade show expedition throughout Europe exhibiting the quality craftsmanship of its gentleman’s shoes. From the G.D.S. Leatherwork and Shoe Exposition in West Germany to the Riva Fair in Italy, exports continued to rapidly expand. 

1989 Export Heightens

In this year, the partnership reached another milestone in its export performance. It was awarded Thai Product of the Year by Ministry of Commerce, Banharn Silapaacha. It also earned the Award of Honor of the Year in Best Export Performance.  


1990 Business Expands

Production outgrew the premises in Bangkok Yai District and expansion was made to accommodate the growth. A new factory was built in the Thonburi-Pakhor area with a floor area of approximately 11,200 sq. km. The new establishment started production in February 1990 marking another milestone for the business. Now registered as Estate Footwear Company, the business became solely exporter of quality handmade leather gentleman’s shoes. The company catered both European and American markets.

1993 Establishing Wagonway

The company took a new direction in 1993 with a split in the partnership. Bringing with him more than 20 years of experience and expertise, Pairoj Vittayasamrit established Wagon Way Company Limited in September 1993. The newly established company brought with it pioneer designers, craftsmen, and production workmen; thus, the long-established family tradition of quality craftsmanship, which has won the hearts of its European and Middle Eastern customers. 


1993 to Present Service Second to None

As business continues to grow, Wagon Way Company Limited is now registered as Estate Supply Wagon Way. Carrying on the quality of precise cutting-sewing and the elaborateness of workmanship, it continues to cater quality handmade genuine leather shoes to its customers in Europe, the Middle East, and the American continent. While maintaining the tradition of craftsmanship, Pairoj and his pioneer craftsmen persist to develop new designs and production technologies to cater the diverse trends worldwide. 

2011 Introducing 31 Thanwa

Becoming 31 Thanwa

The tradition of craftsmanship is deeply rooted, and undoubtedly seeped down the family tree. Seeing an opportunity to expand the family’s handmade leather shoe business, Boonyanuch has taken it as her pursuit to extend the knowledge and expertise in leather shoes into different forms of leatherwork. 31 Thanwa brand is thus founded as an extension of the family tradition – one with quality expertise and knowledge at its core while resembling the creative innovation and limitless possibilities of a younger generation.  

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